Tuesday, February 16, 2010

why i no longer do business with dell

i received an email today from a dell account rep, they are on a campaign trying to reach out to businesses that have not worked with dell in some time

here was my response, included is a fun story that explains why this i.t. manager will never do business with dell again:

hello kara,

we are not interested in any further purchasing with dell

we do not wish to speak with anyone about this decision at this present time

if you have the time, here is my rant on why i will never do business with dell again:

early september 2008 i was waiting for a shipment of 7 pcs that i was told would ship 08/25/2008, order was placed 08/18/2008, next day shipping was used

i received an email about the order being cancelled, aaron even asked me if i had meant to cancel them. i replied, absolutely not! i did not cancel the order, my job was relying on that order!

so we then had a new order on 09/02/2008, i was supposed to have the machines by this date, they were scheduled to be rolled out 09/03/2008, i let aaron know that this situation was “screwing me”, in fact it very much was. i still have all of the emails from this incident, stresses me out just perusing through them to pick the dates out.

they finally arrived on the 10th. or 11th., by then i had already placed an order for 7 hp systems, ordered through pcconnection.com, they arrived the next day and deployed before the dell systems had arrived.

i have seen dell at big jobs i’ve been on, like the navy marine corps intranet, as well as the transportation security administration, these were all huge jobs with enormous purchasing budgets, maybe dell rocks for the big dogs like that, but for a small to medium sized business i do not feel at all that i could ever rely upon dell from that point forward.

i have not ordered dell since then. i have relayed this story to all other i.t. personnel in the apparel and creative circles i work with, i could have lost my job over that mess.

needless to say, i will not be purchasing any dell products in the future, there are far too many other options out there for me to have to go through this sort of stressed out chaos with your company ever again,

thank you,


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